Hello! Welcome to my website! I’m an Indian-American who loves music, movies, books, knitting, mountains, oceans, sunshine, and rain.

During the day I hire engineers for a software company, and during the night, I write for children and young adults. When I am not recruiting or writing, I am at the library. Or with my family. Or with friends. Or blogging for Cynsations and Mixed-Up Files For Middle-Grade Authors. Or volunteering at We Need Diverse Books and Society For Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators. Or cooking and eating my favorite foods (Indian, although Vietnamese runs a close second).  I am afraid of horror movies.

I have had many pets in my adult life (dogs and cats). They appear at my doorstep like spirit animals with their tongues sticking out and wagging tails.

I am a contributing author of The Hero Next Door (Penguin Random House, July 2019). I’m also the author of Centaurs (Capstone, August 2021), Fairies (Capstone, August 2021), She Sang For India: How MS Subbulakshmi Used Her Voice For Change (Macmillan FSG, Spring 2022), and Namaste Is A Greeting (Candlewick, Fall 2022).  I have an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, a Certificate in Popular Fiction from the University of Washington, and advanced degrees in computer science and management.