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Namaste Is A Greeting

Namaste calms your heart when things aren’t going right. Namaste is saying “You matter.”

What is Namaste? It’s found in a smile, a friendship, a celebration. It exists in silence, it can be said when you’re happy or when you’re feeling low. For one girl in a bustling city, namaste is all around her as she and her mother navigate a busy marketplace. And when she returns home with a plant for an elderly neighbor, namaste can be seen in the caring bond between them. 

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She Sang For India: How M.S. Subbulakshmi Used Her Voice For Change

Before M.S. Subbulakshmi was a famous Carnatic singer and the first Indian woman to perform at the United Nations, she was a young girl with a prodigious voice.

But Subbulakshmi was not free to sing everywhere. In early 1900s India, girls were not allowed to perform for the public. So Subbulakshmi busted barriers to sing at small festivals. Eventually, she broke tradition to record her first album. She did not stop here. At Gandhi’s request, Subbulakshmi sang for India’s freedom. Her fascinating odyssey stretched across borders, and soon she was no longer just a young prodigy. She was a woman who changed the world.

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The Runaway Dosa

“The more you eat, the more you crave! You can’t catch me, no matter how brave!”

With the help of some magical, mythological Indian creatures, chase the Runaway Dosa before it gets away!

It’s time for breakfast, and Akka is hungry! When she reaches for another dosa before the rest of the family has been served, she triggers a magical spell that brings the dosa to life, and it sprints out the door. Akka will need the help of some powerful, mythological creatures to get her breakfast back!

Inspired by Dosai! Amma, Dosai, a beloved Tamil rhyme, and a fantastical reimagination of the familiar Gingerbread Man story, this book offers a delicious Indian twist that will have any child asking for more!

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A Bindi Can Be

My Name Is Long as a River


Gaze at that sparkling light, dancing in the sky! It’s a fairy, one of nature’s greatest treasures. Have you ever wondered where fairies live? What she eats and how she uses her magic? Wonder no more! Striking illustrations and matter-of-fact text take you on a magical journey to learn all about fairies.


Look into the forest and listen carefully! You see the chest and head of a man, but you hear the rhythmic gallop of hooves. It’s a centaur, a strong and brave creature. Have you wondered where centaurs dwell and what they eat? How tall do they grow and how heavy? Wonder no more! Striking illustrations and matter-of-fact text take you on a thrilling journey to learn all about centaurs.

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